Dairy Tips

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How can you have dairy more often?

Here are some simple and easy suggestions for you to eat dairy more often

  • Add milk or amasi to your cereal or porridge for breakfast
  • Use it as an anytime drink to quench your thirst
  • Start your day with a healthy smoothie by blending yoghurt, milk and fresh fruit.
  • Have a latte by making you coffee with hot milk.
  • Have a portion of yoghurt or some drinking yoghurt and a fresh fruit as an on-the-go snack on your way to work
  • Add yoghurt to your lunch box or have it as an afternoon snack to keep you feeling fuller for longer.
  • A healthier treat on hot dayss, freeze small 100ml tubs of yoghurt.
  • Freeze a bottle of flavoured milk and add it to your lunch box. It will be ice cold and will help keep your lunch fresh
  • Flavoured milk after sport activities is the ideal sports drink
  • Cheese on bread or a serving of cheese in your lunch box fills you up and makes you fuller for longer.
  • Drink a glass of milk before bedtime to promote a good night sleep.

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How can you increase the amount of dairy you have at a time?

Make sure your dairy portion size is correct.
One serving of dairy provides 300 mg of calcium, so three servings of dairy will give you 900mg of the recommended daily intake of calcium.
Whether you are nine years old or older, you need between 1000mg and 1300 mg calcium per day.
A serving size is:
1 glass of milk (250ml)
1 glass of maas (250ml)
2 slices of cheese (40g)
2 small tubs of yoghurt (200ml)

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Did you know there are many sources of dairy?​

  • You can learn more about dairy products by scrolling through ‘Ask Dairy’ on-line tool.
  • Each dairy product is available in many varieties
  • Milk is available fresh, long life (UHT) or powdered, with different fat content namely fat-free, low-fat and full-cream.
  • Yoghurt is available as plain, flavoured with or without fruit, or sweetened. Yoghurt is also available with different fat content i.e. double cream, full-cream, medium-fat, low-fat or fat-free and in a variety of size options.
  • Cheese is available as soft cheese e.g. cottage or cream cheese. Harder cheese varieties include Cheddar, Gouda, Emmenthal, Edam, to mention a few.
  • There are many other varieties of cheese such as Camembert, Blue Vein Cheese, Parmesan and Feta.
  • Amasi is usually unflavoured but you can add you own flavouring such as cinnamon, cocoa powder, honey or fresh fruit.
  • Remember: “Variety is the spice of life” and dietary variety is one of the pillars of healty eating!

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